CEO Strategic Presents:
New Initiatives Coming in 2018

CEO Strategic is proud to announce that it has been appointed Major Sponsors, Corporate Advisors and Managers to The Virangana Project, an international initiative aimed at bridging the gap between Australian Investors & Mentors, and Women Entrepreneurs in India


The Virangana Project

“The World is changed by your example - not by your opinions”

Hey – do you want to tap into a consumer market of over 1 billion people? Target an emerging middle class of 250m? Partner with some super-smart Founders, and improve the lives of millions of aspiring young women at the same time? 

Then we’ve got just the project for you…….

Being a woman entrepreneur is never easy in any part of the world, but in India - despite women having extremely high standards of education, female entrepreneurs face an even tougher uphill battle.

Indian P.M. Modi recently announced that he sees Indian women playing a huge role in leading India’s technology and business future – but a patriarchal system, and many long-standing customs and cultural issues, means that it can be quite difficult for budding female entrepreneurs to pitch ideas, raise capital and hire staff, let alone negotiate with suppliers and customers.

Despite these hurdles, India is sitting at the brink of a technological boom with a potential target market of over 1 Billion consumers. But a difficult business environment is seeing a great loss of talent from India to the more conducive tech hubs of Europe, The U.S. and Australia.

In 2018, CEO Strategic are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Indian Human Rights lawyer and women’s advocate, Ms. Shalini Chauhan, and working with a number of government departments, investors, mentors and entrepreneurs from many of India’s finest universities and colleges, to identify some of India’s leading start-ups, female Founders and Entrepreneurs, which we will then be bringing to a series of showcase events in Sydney and Brisbane, where they will be pitching to local VCs, Banks, Investors and Angel groups.

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You can follow us HERE to keep updated on this exciting initiative and the social and commercial opportunities we will be showcasing in 2018. India is set to be as big a market as China and this is an opportunity not to be missed.


Also Coming in 2018

Be part of the CEO Thought Leaders Forum

As Corporate Advisors to some of the world’s best-known brands, we have the pleasure of getting to meet some of the country’s best and brightest Mentors, Managers, and Thought Leaders.

We’d like to see everyone benefit from their insights and experience, so starting in 2018, we will be launching the CEO Strategic ‘Thought Leaders Forum’ – where every week, we will be asking various stand out human beings to tackle our toughest thought-provoking ’15 Questions’ in order to give you some insight as to what makes them tick.

We’ve got some great names in mind, and are hoping to kick off our series in mid-January 2018. Feel free to click HERE if you’d like to get in early and subscribe to our weekly insights….its free and will be very informative.


Here’s to a Busy and Profitable New Year!