Beeline was turned around from a business misunderstood by management without a clear guide as from where they stood financially. With a combination of clear numbers trends could be seen allowing management to focus on a strategy for success turning the company from loss to profit enabling a successful sale.
— Peter J Williams ex Director Leighton Holdings Former CEO - Beeline Technologies Pty Ltd

Sold to Canadian listed company, Hemisphere GPS

At CEO Strategic, we know how much real blood, sweat and tears goes into building a business of any significance.

You’ve likely had to put family life on hold, risked your personal assets, and spent many a long night wresting with decisions that may have life-changing outcomes for your business, staff and stakeholders.

So, when it comes time to think about handing over the reins, whether it be a trade sale, public listing or perhaps even ushering in a new generation of management, you need to be certain that you are not only getting the best financial outcome, but that your ethos, vision and know-how is enshrined in your legacy for future generations.

CEO Strategic offer a full range of Business Preparation, Planning and Implementation services for company Owners & Directors contemplating either a succession plan, or an outright exit.


What makes CEO Strategic different?

An Independent Specialist in Your Corner.

Most importantly, when you engage CEO Strategic, you will acquire straight-talking advisors with a wealth of hands-on experience, who will ensure that you are getting the right information that supports superior decision management and better financial outcomes.


Strategic Benefits

  • Business Preparation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Structure for Succession

  • Due Diligence Data & Governance

  • Sales Advisory & Representation

  • Independent, Highly Experienced Advice

  • Maintain Your Legacy

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Sale Side Advisory

Whether it is identifying possible suitors, creating a professionally prepared Information Memorandum or Sales Document, pitching your business or representing you in negotiations, conducting due diligence, or ensuring that your financial reports represent your business in the best possible light, we have an enviable track record of guiding Directors and Founders through to successful and profitable outcomes. And we can show you how by using our proprietary reporting system MagniFi to reflect the true value of your company, you can often significantly improve your negotiating position.


Due Diligence-Ready Guidance

Once you’ve identified a possible suitor, or decided to go out to the market, we can show you how to rapidly speed up the sales process by helping you create a detailed ‘Due Diligence Data Room’ that encapsulates all the required reports and relevant documents you’ll be needing, which can often serve to comply with governance issues, reassure buyers and even have a material effect on the final value of a sale.


Seeking Mergers and Acquisitions?

If you have identified a merger or acquisition as a potential pathway to growth, we can assist you with identifying potential targets, undertaking pre-due diligence, providing in-depth reporting & modelling that will reveal the true state of your target’s finances, advice on merging or cleaning up legacy reporting systems, identify and eliminate costly operating practices, or assist you with raising the required capital from various finance sources. We can also assist with providing advice on optimum tax and compliance structures.

Once you’ve completed your M&A project, we can also assist you with your internal and external Corporate Communications or Brand-building, if required. A well-constructed Corporate Communications program is vital when seeking buy-in from all stakeholders in any new venture, whether it be your financiers, directors, staff, suppliers, industry media, or customers.


Target of a Mergers and Acquisitions?

Alternatively, if you find yourself the target of an acquisition (friendly or otherwise) we can provide a menu of essential services including financial assessment and due-diligence of any potential suitor, financial modelling around potential restructures, and most importantly, assist you with any negotiations to ensure any changes are in the best interest of all parties.

Whatever your M&A requirements, the team at CEO Strategic are renown for our straight-talking advice and sophisticated reporting & modelling systems that will let you know exactly where you stand on any potential transaction.

“If you’re not getting the right answers, maybe you aren’t asking the right questions…..”


Having grown and operated companies big and small, our team is built to help businesses grow and succeed.