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While the Indian Start-Up economy is booming (with over 5,000 new businesses registered last year alone) there are still a number of barriers to investment for equity players keen to get into Indian technology and the potential upside it has to offer.

Chief amongst these is the relative uncertainty around corporate governance & potential risk in regard to investing in a domicile Indian company.

This has prompted many Indian companies to establish holding entities in Singapore in order to be more readily able to raise capital or scale globally, with the primary being to remove themselves from the onerous corporate regulations in India.

As in all investment’s execution risk (especially when dealing with foreign nationals and potential cultural issues over long distances) is also another major issue.

Due to the focus of many Indian universities on STEM courses, the Indian Medtech environment is currently experiencing great advances. Indian medical students are highly regarded and a population of 1.3B people is driving the need for greater innovation.

However Western countries such as the United Kingdom and America are reluctant to accept or approve many pharmaceuticals or medical products manufactured in India, as the manufacturing regime is not regarded as reliable as those in western countries.


CEO Strategic believe there is an opportunity to validate and then commercialize Medtech (and other) technologies from India, via the Australian market, which would then facilitate commercialization into Western countries. This is primarily because TGA approval in Australia is well-regarded against World’s Best Practice Standards.

In order to facilitate a roll out under an Australian regime, CEO Strategic’s plan is to engagement with the Indian parent or IP owner and then establish and manage operations in Australia, with the goal to raise capital, build momentum and then determine and execute a monetization event.

The CEO Strategic advantage will be to utilize its highly experienced management team to maintain Executive control of the entire process from beginning to end.