Our expertise is in providing complete confidence in the data that clients are basing.


Our success centres around extensive hands on roles in many industries, a creative flair and rapid delivery of business analytics via our proprietary reporting system first used at Sears PLC in London for Anderson Consulting.

At the heart of what makes us different is the vast experience at Chief Financial Officer level working in investee companies of Private Equity Firms. All business-related tasks essentially come back to the numbers, from there you can formulate and execute any strategy for your business.

If you don’t know exactly where you are, it’s hard to know exactly where you’re going. Unlike some ‘consultants’ that end up charging you large fees for what is essentially ‘zero-actionable data’- CEO Strategic have developed a highly efficient proprietary reporting system (MagnaFi) that will enable you to easily understand your financial position, and more importantly, help you clearly understand and model the potential outcomes of any proposed strategy or investment.


What makes CEO Strategic different?

Hands-on experience. It’s a term we often hear thrown around, yet few corporate advisory firms are able to match the level of hands-on experience the CEO Strategic’s senior team bring to the table.


Strategic Benefits

  • A Track Record of Successful Turnarounds

  • Corporate Restructures for Tax or Refinance

  • Access to our Advanced Finance & Reporting Systems

  • Application of Market-Tested Strategies

  • No more Struggling with Dirty Data

  • Experience the Difference Between Theory and Experience

  • Deal Directly with One of Australia’s Leading Practitioners

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Chief Financial Officer

The CFO role includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Manage financial reporting framework and ensure timely and accurate monthly financial reporting

  2. Manage the Accounting / Finance function and develop strategies for creating an efficient finance function. Establish proper reporting framework and systems and processes.

  3. Development of capital strategies:

    • Assist the CEO and board to prepare the business for a possible exit or capital raise

    • Create and maintain a Due Diligence data room (physical and electronic)

    • Determine other important areas and issues to be addressed;

  4. Determine other important areas and issues to be addressed;

    • Statutory and compliance. eg. In direct and direct taxation, accounting and audit

    • Commercial analysis. eg. sales strategy, manufacturing outsource analysis

    • Foreign expansion issues. eg. Transfer pricing, foreign currency hedging requirements and international compliance requirements


Implement a reporting framework

The reporting framework sets out the structure for the reporting models, systems and processes to ensure timely and effective financial reporting for the operations on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Develop and Implement Reports and models:

  1. Board and management reporting reports

  2. Full year forecast models

  3. Budget reporting models

  4. Other reporting (eg Weekly KPIs reports)


Company Secretary

Provision of Company Secretary Services

The work to be performed will include, but not be limited to:

  1. Organise and attend meeting required meetings

    • Board / Annual / Extraordinary meeting (Notice and agendas, Minutes, Resolutions etc)

  2. Maintenance of the company registers

    • ASX listing compliance

    • ASIC compliance

  3. Assistance and management of governance and compliance requirements

    Set up / administer:

    • Audit and Risk committees

      • Provide or development of Charter

      • Managing discussions with Auditors

      • Attendance as CFO

    • Remuneration committees

      • Provide or development of Charter

    • Compliance committees

  4. Other Management of:

    • Share issues – Share purchase plans / Directors shares / Monitor 15% limits

    • Listing support / Data room set up / Insurance requirements / Data room set up


Having grown and operated companies big and small, our team is built to help businesses grow and succeed.