Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions Datasheet

Mergers & Acquisitions Datasheet

Successful businesses need to be in a state of perpetual motion. Successful entrepreneurs either have a constant eye out for potential partners or mergers, or they are building their own business with an eye to a profitable exit, which can often mean being acquired by a much bigger player.  

At CEO Strategic, we have developed an enviable reputation for providing specialist boutique advice to businesses who are either considering a merger or acquisition, or are the subject of an acquisition by another party.


Seeking an M&A?

If you have identified a merger or acquisition as a potential pathway to growth, we can assist you with identifying potential targets, undertaking pre-due diligence, providing in-depth reporting & modelling that will reveal the true state of your target’s finances, advice on merging or cleaning up legacy reporting systems, identify and eliminate costly operating practices, or assist you with raising the required capital from various finance sources. We can also assist with providing advice on optimum tax and compliance structures.

Once you’ve completed your M&A project, we can also assist you with your internal and external Corporate Communications or Brand-building, if required. A well-constructed Corporate Communications program is vital when seeking buy-in from all stakeholders in any new venture, whether it be your financiers, directors, staff, suppliers, industry media, or customers.


Target of an M&A?

Alternatively, if you find yourself the target of an acquisition (friendly or otherwise) we can provide a menu of essential services including financial assessment and due-diligence of any potential suitor, financial modelling around potential restructures, and most importantly, assist you with any negotiations to ensure any changes are in the best interest of all parties.

Whatever your M&A requirements, the team at CEO Strategic are renown for our straight-talking advice and sophisticated reporting & modelling systems that will let you know exactly where you stand on any potential transaction.

“If you’re not getting the right answers, maybe you aren’t asking the right questions…..”


Strategic Benefits

  • Pre Due-Diligence
  • Manage Governance Issues
  • Financial Reporting & Modelling
  • Independent Representation in Negotiations
  • Clean up Legacy Reporting Structures
  • Identify Unprofitable Practices and Cost Centres
  • Optimise Tax and Compliance Structures
  • Create Effective Corporate Communications for Stakeholders
  • Improve Your Decision Making Process