Our services include

CEO Strategic have established a reputation for providing mission-critical Corporate Advisory services to some of Australia’s best-known brands, and we can assist you with -


Corporate Strategy & Advisory

Our specialist team can provide you with a full suite of cost-effective advisory and reporting services that that will enable you to understand exactly where you stand, and what you need to do to maximise the value in your business. Click Here for more


Restructure & Turnaround

In a world of red tape, global markets and shrinking margins, it’s possible for even the best managed businesses to lose their way. Click Here for more


Growth & Expansion

The concept of (Input = Output) is never truer than when it comes to growing your business. Companies that fail to invest sufficient time and resources into developing a strategic and sustainable plan for growth will ultimately pay the price when the market shifts, or there is a downturn. Click Here for more


Mergers and Acquisitions

Successful businesses need to be in a state of perpetual motion. Successful entrepreneurs either have a constant eye out for potential partners or mergers, or they are building their own business with an eye to a profitable exit, which can often mean being acquired by a much bigger player. Click Here for more


Exit & Succession Planning

CEO Strategic offer a full range of Business Preparation, Planning and Implementation services for company Owners & Directors contemplating either a succession plan, or an outright exit. Click Here for more


Debt Finance & Equity, Rights, Issues, and Private Placements

Access to well-priced capital sources is the lifeblood of any business that intends to thrive and continue to grow. The Team at CEO Strategic will help you strategically structure your company’s tax and financial affairs to ensure you aren’t paying more than you need for business funds and working capital. Click Here for more


Corporate Communications, Strategic Marketing, Brand Development, Press & Media Management

Changes to your business, both positive and negative, need to be communicated effectively your staff, supplier, shareholders, investors, bankers, and business partners. Click Here for more


Start-Up: Capital Raise, Structure, Reporting, and Founder’s Advocacy

Our Team members have over 20 years of hands on experience in conceiving, staffing, funding, and launching numerous successful Australian and international start-Ups. Click here for more


Advanced Reporting, Financial Reporting & Modelling

If you don’t know exactly where you are, it’s hard to know exactly where you’re going. Unlike some ‘consultants’ that end up charging you large fees for what is essentially ‘zero-actionable data’- CEO Strategic have developed a highly efficient proprietary reporting system (MagnaFiTM) that will enable you to easily understand your financial position, and more importantly, help you clearly understand and model the potential outcomes of any proposed strategy or investment. Click Here for more