Upon recommendation by a trusted third party, Daniel was engaged as a corporate advisor to the Board. At a time of significant change in our business, he provided valuable strategic insight by developing and implementing a substantial plan to lay the foundation for our future growth plans.

Since Daniel’s involvement, our business has been extremely successful and I can attribute this ongoing success and profitability to the foundation Daniel devised and implemented for us.

I would have no hesitation in personally recommending Daniel and am confident that any business who utilises his services is bound to gain immensely from his creative thinking and no-nonsense approach to business.
— Michael Finger, Director

There has never been a more perilous, yet exciting time to be in business.

Global markets are unstable, businesses are now forced to vie with competitors who are not only next door, but can access your customers from any remote corner of the globe, skills that once attracted a premium can now be sourced offshore at a fraction of the cost, and the trajectory of technology is now so rampant that today’s investment can prove to be redundant only months, instead of years later.

To survive in today’s markets, you need to be nimble, well informed and across every metric that drives your business.

Our specialist team can provide you with a full suite of cost-effective advisory and reporting services that that will enable you to understand exactly where you stand, where you are headed, and what you need to do to maximise the value in your business.

What makes CEO Strategic different?

Hands-on experience. It’s a term we often hear thrown around, yet few corporate advisory firms are able to match the level of hands-on experience the CEO Strategic’s senior team bring to the table.


Strategic Benefits

  • A Track Record of Successful Turnarounds

  • Corporate Restructures for Tax or Refinance

  • Access to our Advanced Finance & Reporting Systems

  • Application of Market-Tested Strategies

  • No more Struggling with Dirty Data

  • Experience the Difference Between Theory and Experience

  • Deal Directly with One of Australia’s Leading Practitioners

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Growth & Expansion

The concept of (Input = Output) is never truer than when it comes to growing your business. Companies that fail to invest enough time and resources into developing a strategic and sustainable plan for growth & expansion will pay the ultimate price when the market shifts, or there is a downturn.


Restructure & Turnaround

In a world of red tape, global markets and shrinking margins, it’s possible for even the best managed businesses to lose their way.

Externally, your business can suffer from a new competitor on the horizon, unidentified costs, or a tightening of market conditions, and internally from outdated manufacturing techniques, lack of capital or even corrupt data and inaccurate reporting due to legacy financial reporting systems that haven’t kept pace with your requirements.

CEO Strategic have established an enviable reputation of providing a range of advisory services that can assist you in determining if your business would benefit from a corporate restructure, access to new financial backing, or a rethink of your business activities in order to construct a complete turnaround and successful relaunch.

There are two keys to our success in this area – One being our highly sophisticated proprietary reporting & data analysis system called MagniFi™.

The other being the strength and experience of our Team who have personally overseen the restructure and turnaround of some of Australia’s best- known brands.

Implementing a successful restructure or complete turnaround relies heavily on highly accurate financial data coupled with bold and timely decisions. But as with most elements of business, time is of the essence. If you feel your business could benefit from an independent assessment of your current financial situation, why not speak to Daniel directly at CEO Strategic and let us show you the dramatic difference between theory and actual first-hand experience.


Having grown and operated companies big and small, our team is built to help businesses grow and succeed.